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Contagious Christianity Series

Discovering Our Unique Styles for Sharing the Gospel of Jesus through Personal Relationships

A Contagious Faith
A Contagious Heart
Contagious Relationships
Contagious Stories
A Contagious Message
God’s Contagious Love

Back to the Basics Series

Examining the Fundamentals of Our Faith

Absolute Truth – Handle With Care
Changing Lives
Creation Story and its Crown Jewel
God the Father
Hide and Go Seek
In Defense of Absolute Truth
Last Things on My Mind
Most Powerful Person You’ve Never Seen
Salvation – Can’t We Work This Out
Why Are We Here

James Series

Living the Christian Life Right: The Marks of a Mature Christian

Intro to James
James 1, 13-27
James 2, 1-13
James 3, 2-12
James 4,1-12

Christmas Series

A Christmas Tree in Bethlehem
The Christmas Light
The Miracle of the Virgin Birth

Miscellaneous Sermons

Being Truly Thankful
Soldiers of the Cross