Living Like the Son of Man

Last week we discussed the importance of the FACT that Jesus is The ONE and ONLY Son of God.  This week, we learned why one of Jesus’ other titles, the Son of Man, was so important.  It all centers around one word – Redemption.  To “redeem” something means to “buy it back.”  In the case of The Son  of Man, Jesus came to earth to live and die as a mortal man so that He  could “buy back” eternal life for mankind.  Ever since Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden, Sin has been inherent in all human beings – we are born in a state of sin and, of our own accord, can do nothing about that.  Since God is Holy (perfect and sinless) He cannot allow anything unholy into Heaven.  This fact keeps mankind separated from God.  

Under the law, in the Old Testament, God allowed animal sacrifices to “cover” the sins of His people.  The animals had to be perfect specimens in order to  be accepted by the priest as atonement for the people’s sins.  However, under the new covenant (New Testament) Jesus became the perfect sacrifice for all sin for all time.  Since He was both Divine (God) and Mortal (man) He could perfectly redeem the sin of all mankind forever by dying in our place.  Some people want to see Jesus as a “great man,” a “gifted teacher,” a “highly moral man,” or even a “prophet.”  Yes, He was all those things, but more importantly He was and is The Savior of the World who came to defeat Satan and death forever by dying for our sins and then being Resurrected to ascend to Heaven as The Lord of Lords and The King of Kings.

As we get closer to Christmas and think more about the birth of Baby Jesus, let us remember WHY He came and what He did for us.

-Pastor Dave Jones