Don’t Forget to Vote!

Tomorrow is election day and I want to remind you of your civic duty to vote.  Scripture tells us to pray for and support our government and elected officials so it is incumbent upon all of us to participate in the election process. I realize that, like many other Americans, you may not feel completely supportive of any of the candidates running for president and it is not my position to advise you for whom you should cast your ballot. Both major presidential candidates have flaws which may give you angst about supporting either one of them. One issue to consider when deciding how to cast your ballot is that the next President will likely have the opportunity to nominate three or more Supreme Court Justices. While the President serves only a four-year term, a Chief Justice serves for life and the decisions made by the nine men and women on the Nation’s highest court have impacts which alter the moral and social climate of our Country for generations to come. Historically, Democrats have nominated more liberal justices and Republicans more conservative ones. 

Regardless of how you vote, remember one ABSOLUTE TRUTH: On November 9th, God will Still be in Charge! 

-Pastor Dave Jones