Choosing Right Over Wrong

This week the country suffered another senseless massacre – a school shooting in Parkland, Florida.  While information is still developing, initial reports are that at least 17 people have died with several more injured.  The alleged shooter was a former student of the High School who had been expelled. While differing groups rush to fix blame for the disaster (gun control advocates, law enforcement groups, etc.) we must remember to PRAY for everyone involved – ESPECIALLY the alleged shooter.  As we are continuing to learn in our sermon series about Christian Curiosity, many of the tragedies and sinful behaviors in our culture are caused by our own disobedience to God’s laws.  We CHOOSE to live a lifestyle which God has told us will destroy us. The country’s flagrant disobedience of God’s perfect design for humanity is the primary cause of most of our crimes, societal injustices, and tragedies. Scripture is VERY clear on the fact that God WILL judge nations who turn their backs on Him. The solution is so simple – confess our sins and repent. This simple solution is, however, extremely difficult to enact because we refuse to cede our place as Lord and Master of our own lives to The One who is Truly Lord and Master of EVERYTHING in the Universe.  We, the people, can CHOOSE to follow God and enjoy His blessings or we can choose to defy Him and suffer the consequences.  Please pray for us to return to being One Nation UNDER GOD!

-Pastor Dave