Praises and Prayers

Below is a list of our prayer requests for this week. I just learned that the teachers association has sent out a notice to the ASD teachers urging them to vote NO on Proposition 1 to “protect our children  from discrimination.”  Voting NO on this proposition will allow public restrooms and changing facilities to become essentially gender-neutral.  This in NO WAY protects our children.  I urge you, particularly if you have a child in school, to talk to their teacher, the school staff, other parents and anyone else you can think of to advocate for a YES vote on Proposition 1.

Remember – voting YES on this Proposition keeps locker rooms and restrooms restricted to biological gender – GOD’S PERFECT DESIGN!

There is  a lot of misinformation out  there about this proposition being “discriminatory” which, I fear, will cause uninformed voters to vote against it.  We MUST rally behind this proposition and actively engage others to join us to maintain common decency and morality in our community and in our schools!

-Pastor Dave