Speaking to the ONE in Charge

Human beings are born with an innate desire to communicate our feelings and have our needs met.  As babies, we cry to communicate our need for  food, affection, comfort, and relief of pain.  As we learn “toddler talk,” words (and then, frequently, screams) are used to express those same needs.  While our communications skills may become more refined as we mature, the need to communicate our feelings never leaves us.  That fact is clearly evidenced by the voluminous number of “talk shows,” counselors, therapists, and plethora of social media which thrive in our culture.  We seem incapable of  keeping our feelings to ourselves so we freely share them with friends, relatives, co-workers and total strangers in some odd hope that someone will help us with our problems.  The reason I call this an “odd” hope is that, for someone to help us, they must have both the ability and desire to do so.  While it is true that, on occasion, someone to whom we cry out may be able and willing to meet some of our needs temporarily, it is equally true that NO human being is capable (or willing) to fully meet our needs.  

Simple logic would then tell us that placing our hope in the hands of other people (who are just as incapable of meeting their own needs as we are) is really quite a foolish endeavor.  If you were physically ill, would you seek out the help of a plumber?  If your car would not run, would you call your piano teacher for assistance?  Of course not!  Yet, we continually pour out our hearts’ greatest desires and most passionate needs to a variety of sources which CANNOT possibly relieve our burdens.  Given an objective and honest look, it is clear to see that this practice is sheer folly.  The book of Proverbs reminds us that there will be temptations, trials, and problems in  our lives, and that we have the freewill to choose how we react to them.  It really boils down to one of two choices.  We can follow God’s ABSOULUTE TRUTH laid out in the practical life guidance of Proverbs and live in  the joy of wisdom, OR we can listen to the World’s advice and fall prey to the Great Deceiver resulting in empty, meaningless lives leading only to eternal suffering.

When faced with this  choice, doesn’t it make sense for us to exercise our supreme privilege to Speak to The ONE who can (and wants to) bring peace and  joy to our lives?  Choose wisely and petition the God of the Universe with all your concerns and decisions.  HE is the ONLY ONE who both CAN and WILL help you.

-Pastor Dave Jones