Praises and Prayers

Yesterday we completed our sermon series on Truth by examining the source of truth, the Holy Bible and Jesus Christ.  As we mature in our faith journey it is critical that we are always mindful that truth is exclusive, absolute, and constant.  If we allow ourselves to be deceived into believing that truth is “relative” to an individual, we have fallen into Satan’s trap.  I urge you to examine the truth, read it, know it, meditate on it, teach it to your children, and OBEY it!  Only through knowledge of and obedience to God’s truth will we be prepared to defend against the attacks of Satan and this world.  One of God’s great truths is that we, His children, need to  pray without ceasing.  This intimate conversation with God will keep us mindful of His truth, His will for  our lives, and the FACT that He is in  control.  So, lift up your voices in praise and bring all your petitions to the foot of His throne with full confidence that the God  who created and sustains this world is eagerly and lovingly waiting for you to come into His presence.

-Pastor Dave Jones