The Psychology of Lies

This week we started a new study titled, “Lies We Buy.”  The purpose of this series is to gain understanding about the Psychology of  lies (why we believe them) and the impact which believing lies has on our lives.  As Solomon stated, “There is nothing new under the sun.”  Man (and woman) has bought into lies since the Fall recorded in Genesis 3.  Eve initially defended God against the Serpent’s accusations, but she quickly lost traction and fell prey to his deceptive speech and his appeal to her human pride (to be “like God”).  What caused Eve to buy into Satan’s lies?  The same thing that causes us to do it today.  We are enamored with the idea of being “our own god.”  We want to be the one in charge of deciding good and evil, right and wrong, moral and immoral.  We want to believe that there will be no  negative consequences to disobeying God’s truth. 

Eve fell victim to one of  Satan’s most powerful weapons – casting doubt in our minds.  Satan doesn’t usually practice a frontal assault kind of warfare – his preferred tactic is subtle, sneaky, and sly manipulation.  He first caused Eve to doubt what God actually said then to doubt God’s motive for saying it. This led to Eve’s downfall as Satan struck  his knock-out punch – an appeal to  Eve’s desire to be her own god (deciding good and evil).  Generations later, Satan hasn’t changed his spots.  He still works much of  his destructive tactics through subtle manipulation of the truth and an appeal to the  human desire for pride.  As we continue in this study of the perils of believing lies, I challenge you to prepare to defend yourself by spending more time with the One True God.  Read your Bible every day, pray without ceasing, come to Worship service and  Bible study every week so you will be ready to defend the truth of the Gospel.  Satan knows too well that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.  Join the ranks of the overcomers – Jesus has already won the war for us.

-Pastor Dave Jones