Godly Families

Yesterday we discussed the origin of the family and the fact that God ordained the marriage relationship to provide a loving and safe home for children to be produced, and reared.  Scripture reveals to us that children are a blessing from God and not a burden as the world would have us to believe.  One of the purposes of the marriage union is to produce GODLY CHILDREN!  At the heart of marriage is the calling to produce children, biological or adopted, who fear and revere the Lord.  Raising Godly children is one of the highest callings a Christian can have.  If God places such high importance on the value of raising Godly children and provides us the structure (family unit) in which to do it, why does our culture diminish the worth of the family and promote “self-fulfillment” in other ways?  

The world would have you believe that the “traditional” family is outdated and that adults will only find fulfillment through their jobs and the collection of  material wealth and “stuff.”  We have sought something called “personal fulfillment” in place of what God has called us to.  In societies where materialism has become the new god, the importance of children has become lessened and birth rates have plummeted.  Why?  Because we seek our happiness in stuff instead of self-giving.

We seek fulfillment in so many ways but refuse to experience the fulfillment God has for us. The question we must ask ourselves is, “Who do we want to please?” 

As we love our children, remember to pray  for them!

-Pastor Dave Jones