Prayers for the Week

As we move into the Summer season in Alaska, our schedules and routines tend to change as dramatically as the daylight! We naturally yearn to be outside more to enjoy our brief summer season. The change is good for us as we, like God’s creation, are renewed by the daylight and warmer temperatures of Summer. Change CAN be good as we are told NOT to become complacent in our lives but to be always seeking to grow in our faith and in our desire to do good works for others. While a change in routine is helpful in many ways, we must also guard against abandoning good and necessary habits which enrich our lives and draw us closer to God. One of  those habits is a personal daily “quiet time” or “devotional.”  During this “alone” time, it should be just you and God and His Word. Spending even 15 minutes a day studying and reflecting on God’s Word will deepen your faith dramatically. As you spend time in His Word, He will speak to you through it and grant you understanding and wisdom. In addition to studying Scripture, be sure to spend time in prayer – it  is a POWERFUL tool! It is your personal opportunity to interface directly with The Creator and sustainer of the Universe. Prayer is a GREAT PRIVILEGE – don’t pass it up!

As you pray this week, please remember the praises and petitions of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

-Pastor Dave