Your BOSS INSISTS you take a day off!

Those are sweet words to most of us who are used to non-stop toiling to try to keep the boss happy! It is truly enlightening and encouraging to know that our REAL BOSS COMMANDS us to rest one day each week. Last Sunday we discussed the fourth command in our Ten Commandments series enjoining us to “remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy.”  The Jewish faith observes Sabbath on Saturdays while Christians, following the New Testament church, observe it on Sundays and refer to it as “The Lord’s Day.” As we discussed, the Bible does not direct which day of the week (e.g., Saturday, Sunday, etc.) is to be regarded as “the Sabbath,” it simply tells us to observe it one day each week. That day is to be “Holy” and it is blessed by God.

The Bible spends a great deal of time promoting the value of hard work while, in Proverbs particularly, it also makes multiple mentions of the dangers of laziness. So why does God single out this requirement to command us to take a day a week to rest? Because He designed us, created us, and knows what we need to function at our best. Those of us who have worked more than 24 hours straight know He was Right! After a certain point without rest, your brain turns to jell-o, your cognitive powers are sharply reduced, your emotions become uncontrollable, and you just shut down.

Modern medicine confirms the biological need for humans to rest in order to function. But, what did God mean when He commanded us to “rest” and to make the Sabbath “Holy?” Why, exactly, did He tell us to do this? It was intended for us to Rest and to Worship (Mark 2:27-8). Observing the Sabbath Day as God intended will accomplish two things for us:

It will draw us closer to God.

It will prevent burnout.

Taking this time each week to observe corporate worship and quiet time with God and family will prepare us to continue doing Kingdom work. There are three ways God wants us to utilize the Sabbath:

1. To Rest my body

2. To Recharge my emotions

3. To Refocus my spirit

When we obediently follow God’s directives we find ourselves far more productive and joyful. So how are you doing in the “rest” department?

See you Sunday!

-Pastor Dave